You want freebies? We’ve got freebies. In fact, we’ve got so many freebies we had to create a whole new way of getting these to you, the traders who make up the Fin-techPrime family. The E-Shop is a simple trader point-based reward scheme. Every trade you place on our platform earns trader points and those points can be exchanged for gifts. The trader points earned are displayed in the trading platform, under the main menu.
Fancy a brand new Amazon Fire TV? Well you can fork out the best part of $100 and buy one from Amazon or you can simply exchange 1,890 Fin-techPrime points and it’s yours for free. Sounds good? That’s because it is good.

Check your trading platform the next time you login and you’ll notice a little tab at the bottom of your screen with a point count. Well keep a close eye on that count because as you trade that number will keep going up and when you get to the right number, you can dip into the goodie bag.

It’s like Christmas without the Turkey but with all the presents.